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Content Marketing.

Creating content media plans and strategies for small B2C and B2B businesses. Establishing and analysing content marketing KPI's and metrics. Writing engaging and keyword led copywriting. 


I'm Katie

Content Marketing Expert

I work closely with my clients to create the best possible content for social media campaigns, email marketing, website copy and article writing. I have excellent knowledge of digital media channels to improve my clients online presence and customer engagement. I plan and create marketing campaigns for digital platforms and media material for various platforms, analysing the impact and success through KPI's and metrics. 

Bubbly Milk Delivers


Use Instagram &

Facebook to increase conversions


Improve your brand awareness using analytics


Design marketing materials that drive sales

What People Say

Katie is a real pleasure to work with. She is efficient, creative and communicative and achieves great results. Her working methods are sound and I learned a lot from her experience. Katie has a gift for connecting with others and creating networks and is a real asset to any team. I would recommend working with Katie 100%

Bel Barnett - Linkedin


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